(RP91) Finding Asia's New Sustainable Growth Model Post GFC: The Role Of The Central Banks (Proceedings Of High-Level Conference

Publish Date : November 2013Author : The SEACEN CentrePages : 264ISBN : 978-983-9478-26-6Total Downloads : 1749

 The main objective of this high-level Conference was to bring together senior staff of SEACEN member central banks to discuss the future role of the central bank in supporting adjustments in the growth strategy for Asia in response to lessons from the GFC. The discussions were fruitful and the consensus appears to be to strengthen the traditional role of the central bank, to give greater prominence to macroprudential measures in their financial stability remit, and to facilitate new growth areas through financial inclusiveness and support for small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs).

This publication is a collection of the papers cum notes prepared for and included here as Proceedings of the High-Level Conference on “Finding Asia’s New Sustainable Growth Model Post Global Financial Crisis (GFC): The Role of the Central Banks” held at Sasana Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 6-8 November 2012. The High-Level Conference was an outreach of the signature SEACEN research project for OP2012 to provide a forum for discussions on policy challenges faced by central banks in promoting sustainable economic growth and providing an environment conducive for financial, monetary and economic stability in the aftermath of the global financial crisis.  
By: Aaron Mahotra
By: Lee Chee Sung
By: Reza Y. Siregar
By: Sukhdave Singh
By: Giovanni Capannelli and Kensuke Yanagida
By: Johnny Noe E. Ravalo
By: Solikin M. Juhro
By: Park. Yang Su
By: Evelyn R. Santos


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