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(WP24/2017) Stress Testing - An Overview of Global Best Practice and Areas for Future Improvement

Author: : Aziz Durrani

Downloads: 76
(WP23/2017) Press Releases and MPC Minutes: Are They One And The Same

Author: : Vincent Lim CS

Downloads: 134
(WP22/2017) Financial Integration in Asia

Author: : Hans Genberg

Downloads: 123
(WP21/2017) The Great Financial Crisis and Its Aftermath: A Perspective From Asia

Author : Hans Genberg

Downloads: 186
(WP20/2017) The Role of Institutional Investors In Financing Development in Asia and The Pacific

Author : Hans Genberg

Downloads: 195
(WP19/2017) Asymmetric Exchange Rate Pass-Through: Evidence From The Philippines

Authors : Vic Delloro, Eloisa T. Glindro and Sarah Jane Alarcon

Downloads: 233
(WP18/2017) Inflation in India: Behavior of Major Components

Author : S. Gangadaran

Downloads: 210