(SP 88) Rethink Policy Collaboration by Hookyu Rhu, C.S. Lim Vincent and L.C. Ong Vivien

Publish Date : January 2013Author : Hookyu Rhu, C.S. Lim Vincent and L.C. Ong VivienISBN : 978-983-9478-22-8Pages : 29Total Downloads : 1638

This paper examines the scope of central banking cooperation in Asia against the backdrop of global integration. We ask the question on how multilateral organisations can be made more effective in the effort to promote policy collaboration. In this region, there is currently no initiative or discussion on the possibility of merging different economic groups, even those with similar interests. Notwithstanding the advantage of cross-collaboration between different regional and multilateral organisations, we feel it is time to rethink the regional grouping arrangement.

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